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Mind Body Spirit

Why do we exist?

Citrus County, sadly, has a poor health record. Rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer are higher than average. We are on a mission to change that.

Everybody benefits from integrative and holistic health care. Taking charge of your own wellness is empowering and we are here to provide resources and education.

Being well not only saves lives and money, it also increases happiness levels, and general participation in society.

Our History

Ellen Armitage and Betsy Schwartz created the first Nature Coast Holistic Health Expo in 2023. It was a huge success with over 50 vendors and almost 300 attendees. There were demonstrations and speakers and a variety of wellness services and products. They decided to use the money from the event to start Citrus Wellness Seekers Inc., so they could do more events and offer wellness education to more people in Citrus County.

What we do

We provide education through events and workshops, and by sharing the well-being resources in Citrus County for holistic health.

Mission Statement

The mission of CWS is to increase awareness of services that enhance the well-being of Citrus County residents.